Used Cars Georgetown Protection Plans

Used car protection plan

AutoPark Georgetown offers optional protection plans to give our customers years of worry free driving.

“Travel with peace of mind. Protect your investment with an Insurance Plan.”


Once you’ve found your perfect car, unexpected breakdowns, and unforeseen repairs are the last thing we want you to worry about. At AutoPark Georgetown, we have the protection plan coverage you need to give you lasting peace of mind with your vehicle. Our comprehensive protection plans will have you covered, keeping your car and wallet happy in the event of an accident or other costly repair. The specialized, high-tech components found in cars can be quite costly to repair or replace, and with the average cost of repairs going up 5% every year, an expensive vehicle repair can truly be a financial burden.

  • Vehicles are built with a variety of specialized and high-tech components, which can be quite costly when it comes time to repair or replace them. With the average cost of repairs increasing at an annual rate of 5%, an expensive repair can truly be a financial burden.

Our protection plans eliminate the worry of such a burden. We are here to help you find the perfect plan to safeguard your vehicle against any costly repairs.

Used car extended warranty and protection plan options

Canada & United States Coverage
FCPP will cover your vehicle anywhere in Canada and the Continental United States.

Direct Response
FCPP will handle your claim quickly and efficiently. To save you from out-of-pocket expenses and the inconvenience of waiting for reimbursement, repair costs are paid directly to the repair facility on authorized services with our protection coverage plans.

Transferable Coverage
If you decide to sell your vehicle, the coverage is fully transferable to the next owner for the remainder of the Policy/Contract term. However, the Policy/Contract cannot be transferred if the title of the vehicle passes through an entity other than the subsequent buyer or if your vehicle is sold/traded into a dealership, leasing agency, or entity in the business of selling vehicles.

Optional Coverage Available on Qualifying Plans
If you selected and paid for the Guarantee Price Rebate (GPR) Option Fee on an eligible plan or if you selected a plan with Experience Based Refund (EBR), you can apply for a cash rebate claim as soon as the plan Total Policy/Contract has expired by time. Rebates are based on the amount you originally paid for the Policy/Contract, up to a maximum claim amount of $2,000. Criteria for the GPR/EBR Claim include the following:

  • Original Plan holder must still be registered owner of vehicle.
  • No mechanical or other benefit claims were made during the entire term.
  • GPR/EBR Claim must be received in the allotted time frame.
  • Deductible applies to maximum claim amount.

Additional Benefits Included in All Levels of Coverage:

In the event of a covered breakdown, receipted expenses to rent a vehicle or pay for a taxi or to pay for public transportation will be reimbursed or paid for. *

Trip Interruption
In the event that a covered breakdown occurs more than 160 kilometres from your home and results in a repair facility keeping your vehicle overnight, receipted motel and restaurant expenses will be paid for.

In the event your vehicle becomes disabled and requires on-site assistance, 24-hour Emergency Road Service (1-800-516-3385) will be provided for you. This included Mechanical First Aid, Tire, Battery, Delivery, Towing and Locksmith Service.
*Some restrictions apply

Platinum Shield Protection Options:
Platinum Shield Protection Options

*At participating locations

Vehicle Return Plus – Protection for Vehicle Financing

Complimentary 12 month coverage.
Vehicle Return Plus lets you walk away from payments or return your vehicle under several life changing circumstances. Cancel up to $20,000 of payments & negative equity, depending on the coverage you select up to 84 months.

Vehicles are usually financed over a 5-7 year term. For the majority of that time, your loan balance will be greater than the actual vehicle value. This negative equity will leave you financially exposed in the event of unforeseen changes in your life

We here at AutoPark Georgetown are dedicated towards keeping our used car shoppers in Georgetown happy. Keep your credit rating and savings intact, and be able to walk away from negative equity with AutoPark Georgetown.